Simplicity is paramount at Bright Box Ideas. The web is a wonderful tool that can be used in a ton of ways to do a ton of things, but most businesses need to master the basics so they can focus on the day to day at their company. Most business owners we talk to are worried that they won’t have the time to get this all done, heck they haven’t had time so far, what would change now?

Don’t worry, we’re used to it. We’ve been through this process so many times, that it is easy for us, and we’ll make it easy for you. Typical turnaround times are in terms of days, not month. We can get you a respectable, technologically flexible, modern website in just a few days, and for under $1000.

Standard Bright Box Websites Package

  • Website Design Template includes everything your website needs to look professional and user friendly
  • WordPress Content Management System makes updating your site a breeze
  • WordPress User Access Control allows employees to post to the site under their own logins
  • Website Content Setup takes what you have on or offline and puts it into place in your new Content Management System
  • Plus organizational extras like Google E-mail Setup, and support for PayPal and Google payment systems

Need something larger? We have lots of experience with global high-demand websites and real-time environments, credit card transaction processing and secure socket layer technologies, however usually clients of this type demand extremely specialized website environments that we don’t install and manage here at Bright Box Ideas. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Bright Box experts are usually retained as consultants and counter-consultants to help the client design the appropriate solution for their business, and aid them in sourcing the appropriate professionals to asseble their solution and provide for it’s ongoing needs. Clients love having a web-consultant on their side of the negotiating table when it comes to negotiation prices on high-end web solutions.

Get Started with your Bright Box Website Now!

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