Getting online is a great first step. For many of our customers, the standard Bright Box Ideas Start-Up Package will cover all of their internet needs for several years to come.  Some customers, choose to do a little more, and we’re here to encourage and support that. Some suggested follow-up services that Bright Box Ideas can assist you with include:

  • Internet Advertising Design – Need a button, banner, or other internet ad? We have experience creating ad creatives for text, image and flash campaigns. Our experts can help you determine which ads create the biggest impact for your business.
  • Internet Advertising Campaign Management – Thinking of buying ad space on popular websites using Facebook, Google AdWords, or straight bulk ad-buys? Bright Box Ideas has experience managing these ad platforms and others.
  • Branded Products and Clothing – From pens and business cards, to car wrapping and t-shirts Bright Box Ideas can lend a hand getting your logo on all types of things and in all kinds of places.
  • Website Updates – Bright Box Ideas websites come complete with a Content Management System that includes User Access Control that allows organizations to update their own sites, or to give employees access to update the company site. However, should you need or want help at some point, we of course offer follow-up support at a cost.
  • General Small Business Consulting – We’ve had a experience with a lot of different small business situations, so when in doubt give us a call. Bright Box Ideas considers itself an Internet Services Partner, not simply a provider.

Many of our clients never need follow-up services, our typical client gets guaranteed Return on Investment with our Standard Website Start-Up Package and are happy to have the Internet “handled” for a while. But, many want to do more, and learn not just to cope with the Internet as a part of their business, but to utilize it to drive their business, and it’s good to know we’ll be here to help when you need us.

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